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Kris HeuerThe best way to describe my artwork is also the title of this show: Systemic Chaos. According to Webster’s Dictionary, systemic is defined as, “of or pertaining to a system,” and chaos is defined as, “a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order.” Combined, I define Systemic Chaos as, “a system of utter confusion and pre-planned, controlled disorder.” When creating my art, I approach each project with one of two initial ideas; either there is a plan, or no plan. My show, Systemic/Chaos, exemplifies how both planned and unplanned creative methods can coexist and create a narrative of creative expression.

While I do create individual pieces, like Discovery I or The Code, the majority of my work is intended to be part of a series. I feel that a series of paintings, photographs or other works best express the intent when presented as a series. While one image “may be worth a thousand words”, I believe a series of images allows for a greater and more detailed narratives.  As a result Systemic/Chaos is divided into seven series: Prime (a series of paintings studying prime numbers), Dead and Gone : The Non-permanence of Death (photographs studying how permanent fixtures of death are as fragile as life itself), Flowers (a series of paintings which study flowers), What Lies Beneath (a series of paintings studying two ends of a relationship spectrum), The Passage (a series of photographs about the journey through life), Soundgarden Session (a series of paintings which examine the effect of  music on art) and Behind the Mask (a series of paintings studying how once revealed, hidden things can change one’s perception).

While the show is organized in a salon style, each series is organized in a manner that is easy to navigate. This is intentional. All of the images have been placed in a specific order while also being placed near other images to play off one another. In addition to these series, I have also included six individual works that embody the idea behind Systemic/Chaos that I view art as a multi-faceted experience.
My motivation behind the work in Systemic/Chaos is simple, I try to best document and interpret the most interesting things and events in life. At times this interpretation is calculated and exact with every detail determined in advance. While others are the opposite and created as a spontaneous reaction to given stimulus.  Either way, Systemic Chaos reflects art that is unfiltered and the best means to express myself.

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